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If searching by Product Name, during our transition to GHS in the US you may see duplicate SDS's. Any SDS that begins with MS08 has been prepared using US OSHA GHS criteria; any other SDS listed for that same product has been prepared using Canadian WHMIS and pre-GHS US OSHA criteria.

For assistance with Diversey Care SDS please call 1-800-558-2332 or email webmaster@sealedair.com

Food Care
For customers in Beverage, Brewing, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Processed Food, and Super Market Industries, we can provide Safety Data Sheets for anyone of our products through the following methods:
E-mail: foodandbeveragecs@sealedair.com
Fax: 1-800-247-1624
Tel: 1-800-223-1000 or request an SDS directly from your Sales Representative